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The Universe

How long is the Universe?
Does it even ends?
Can you go too far?
Would you ever come back?
Could it really be forever?
Where will it take you?
Is it an undiscovered place?
Are there people there?
Who are these people?
What are they like?
Do they act like us?
When will I go there?
Won't we go?
Why haven't we been there?
Will we ever go there?
How can we be sure it ends?
Does it go completley dark?
Can you even see a thing?
Would everyone get to go?
Could I bring my family?
Where exactly should we go?
Is it north or is it south?
Are people gonig to live there?
Who will discover the end?
What should I bring?
Do you wear a space suit?
When do we leave?
Won't we explode?
Why does it have no end?
Will we ever know the answer?
28.11.06 19:12

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